A masterclass that aims to illustrate and share the practices of applying theatre methods on refugees, and the difference between working with transit populations and long-term residents.

In this framework, the Dome Event invites two inspiring initiatives to exchange their methods and challenges:

Good Chance Theatre: a temporary theatre set in the refugee camp in Calais. The initiative provides a safe space for expression, both a need and a right for everyone. And as situations become more challenging, this need becomes greater. Good Chance Theatre encourages people to tell their stories through theatre and art.

Station Athens: a theatre and arts laboratory composed of a mixed team of Greek directors, social workers, drama-therapists and permanently based refugees in Athens. The laboratory aims at helping asylum seekers and refugees to adapt to the Greek society in social and cultural terms. Combining the visual arts with new technologies and drama play, social participation is enhanced and the integration process in the new environment is facilitated.

Synergy-o Cultural Space
Kolonou 31